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'In order to stand out, you have to be different. Not just
different, but better different'

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This Is It...

Join my hundreds of customers who have enjoyed their new logos.

" I seem to get so many enquiries for my custom door signs now. I'm so so sure

it's its heavily contributed by my new and fresh logo. Of course combined

 with my hard work. I feel my business looks so professional now.  

Holly has really tidied up my branding. I'm so grateful and now feel

so confident when I hand out my business card."

Steve Pykett - The Granite Sign Company.

"Holly doesn't just understand Branding and Logo design. She understands the rollercoaster of running a small business.

She was really able to understand my thought processes and where I wanted to go with my business.

She has so much business knowledge and was able to share some gold nuggets with me.

I see her as a friend now rather than someone who has just completed some work for me.


I'm so glad I found her. Thank you so much again Holly!."

Kerry - Southwold

Perfect Crochet

The hidden gem...

When designing your logo I know how important it is to make sure its adaptable.

What do I mean by this?

It's really important to create something which can seamlessly and beautifully travel through many different channels such as;
Your blog;
Your Instagram account;
Your Facebook cover photo;
Your business Cards;
Your product photography.

Your logo is the start of your brand.

Lets look at mine for example.

It's very simple

Less is more.

The flower shape transfers through so many elements of my business. 

My Instagram story covers, my stickers on my packaging, the photos below.

People instantly recognise these colours and this symbol as my business. 

That is when you know, you've cracked it.

Take NIKE. Their logo doesn't even need words any more.

The 'tick' is so iconic and so powerful. It's recognised globally without any words.

Your logo will contain the colours, textures and fonts that will look dazzling as your new shop
front sign, totally professional as your seal sticker on your stationery subscription box and totally on trend as your sign off on your blog.

I've trained in Graphic Design and Branding for many years.

Lets start your week off like never before and start moving your dreams forward.

"I cannot recommend Holly enough. She is a true professional

but has a manner that makes you feel at ease to discuss ideas

no matter how good or bad you may feel they are.

Holly is absolutely fabulous at what she does.

Extremely helpful, understanding and fun to work with"

Fay Jordan - Personal Trainer

'Holly was so patient with me. I own a local vegetable company and this was all so

new to me. I'm really not techy at all.  She metaphorically speaking held my hand throughout the whole process.

I knew Holly ran her own small, creative business and has made a huge success of it so

it was so helpful that she knew what I was going through in my head.

This made the difference. I felt so connected to her and she gave me such a personal


Anthony - Very Veg

Jasmine Bakery is a beautiful high end bespoke wedding cake company.
A cheeky artisan chilli company set up by Jack and Eddy.
A modern, stylish, brow and beauty bar that needed a refresh to attract more of their perfect clients. This brush stroke theme was carried thoughout their salon and looked absolutely stunning!
A healthy, fresh juice bar. A clean logo to represent their standards and simple operating systems. Fresh, Juice, Daily. Delicious!