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I’m doing it, I’m doing the B word. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while and now is the right time. I know it is because I have this fire in my tummy and it wont go. It started on Wednesday and its still there. Now is the time.

Myself and Sarah Walker (my lovely friend and mentor from ‘Supporting The Unsung Hero Start Up Business Programme’) were lucky enough to be invited to a seminar in Birmingham on Wednesday, with Sir Clive Woodward.

The conversation at home with my husband went a little like this...


Me – I need to go to Birmingham on Wednesday for a business seminar would you be able to take the day off to have Max?

Paul – What’s it about?

Me – It’s being delivered by Sir Clive Woodward? I’ve not heard of him.

Paul – As in Sir Clive Woodward who managed the England Rugby team?

Me – Yes, I think that’s him – he is something to do with Rugby.

Paul – He is huge, and I mean huge. He managed and coached them when they won the world cup in 2003. He is a legend. Can you take a guest?


Paul, being heavily involved with the R.A.F Women’s rugby team, and a keen player himself, was dumbfounded that this was happening to me, and not him and was very envious.

Looking back at that conversation, I feel ashamed that I didn’t know who he was, but it’s quite understandable as sport is not really my field. I don’t watch It and I don’t play it, so I guess it’s quite easy for him not to have ever been in my virtual path.

That fire I spoke about before? Sir Clive put that there, on Wednesday. I cannot even begin to explain to you how gripped I was by his every word.

He was so generous with his knowledge. Even letting us in on his ‘codes of conduct’ he set the GB athletes in London 2012. He noted that in Beijing there seemed to be a higher standard of behaviour in cycling and other leading sports, so decided to set some rules in place for GB. All so simple and logical but made an incredible difference to the way the team united. One being ‘Hygiene’ sounds a given, right? But Sir Clive, took it to another level. The chances of bugs in the village in Stratford were astoundingly high so he put some simple measures in place. One being, no one was ever allowed to walk past a hand sanitiser, without using it. So, if you walk down a long corridor and there are 8 hand sanitisers, you must use every single one as you walk past. There are no exceptions. And guess what – they all did it without fail.

Very simple but very powerful. So, you now have a mental image of Bradley Wiggins, Sir Chris Hoy and Rebecca Adlington abiding by these rules and probably not thinking twice about it.  

As you can imagine – this was just a snap shot of his presentation. How can there be so much awesomeness in one man? He has made a huge difference.

I didn’t know who he was 3 days ago – now I’m slightly obsessed, with his mind set, teaching ability, tactics and dedication to sport, wanting the best out of everything and being a sponge. A truly lovely, strong, inspiring man.

Thank you, Sir Clive,




Mar 03, 2017


Superb B-it of writing….definitely not mentioning the B word here, but lovely to read and so pleased that you are getting such phenomenal opportunities and experiences! Keep it up lovely! Say hi to your other half for me too, been a while!

(I remain slightly flabbergasted that you didn’t know who Clive Woodward is, please tell me that Jonny Wilkinson didn’t escape your radar way back then….????

Jess Hooper

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